Monday, February 13, 2012

Thanks Pinterest!

OK. So I know that this site has been around for awhile but I just joined the masses and fell in love. Thank goodness for crock pot meals or my family would never eat. :)

I wanted to share a couple of projects I made for Valentine's using ideas I found on Pinterest (the card is mine but I'm sure not an original idea). I am so excited that people are so willing to share their wonderful ideas with all of us. And maybe even one day someone will pin something of mine. :)

Here's Kevin's Valentine's gift from the kids (we don't exchange gifts, the two of us):

$4 Target frame and $1.80 worth of pictures from Walgreens

Here are the girls' Valentine's to their classmates:

And here are the cards I made teachers and grandparents (not Pinterest):

To all those wonderful couples in our lives that show us what it means to truly love and be loved, THANK YOU!! And Happy Valentine's Day!

*If you would like me to enable you, I'll be happy to send you an invite to join Pinterest. Just don't say I didn't warn you.