Thursday, December 16, 2010

Regan's Gift

Regan and I decided to swap swivel clasps and I just opened hers. It's very beautiful and no words will do it justice. My pictures don't do it justice either but I must try. :)

She added beaded charms, including beads that are "crackled", fuzzy (the light pink one), crackled, and crystal. She used lots of buttons and them! Regan UTEEd (I think) a flower and put an eyelet through the center, making it a charm. How cool is that? She added a key, locket, and journey (Tim Holtz) charms. The fragment charms have my girls names and their meanings on them; so sweet!!

I love it, Regan. I absolutely love it. It's going on the tree and when we take it down I will have to decide where to display it then. I am already planning a very special mini for this but I have a feeling that it will take awhile to get this mini completed. It needs to be super special to carry off this swivel clasp! :)

I have to add that she filled my box with goodies! Prima, and paper, and charms, oh my!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shellacked Nails

So I got my nails shellacked on Friday evening. A friend of mine got a promotion at work so we went out for mani/pedis. She got to choose the place and this salon happened to have all their technicians trained in this process. Long story short, I got pampered to say the least.

Here's the process:
1. Clean nails. If you don't already have the shellack on this is a quick easy process, involving nail polish remover. If you do have the shellack on the process takes about 10 minutes and involves wrapping each nail in a small piece of cotton ball soaked in acetone and then in foil. After the foil comes off, the nails are scraped with a wooden cuticle stick and the shellack comes right off.

2. Shape the nails.

3. Gel coat. They put this clear gel coat on your nails and then you have to cure the gel with a light. It takes about a minute and half.

4. Apply color. The only downfall to this technique is the color choices. There  are not many but they are beautiful. Paint nail and set with the light; three times.

5. Top coat. Apply the gel-like topcoat and another round of light.

That's it. This is supposed to last 3 weeks without chipping. I can't wait to see what happens. I took before photos and I plan to update with the after as well.

I know this is a little random but i just think it's so cool. I always leave the nail salon (which isn't very often but this applies to home manis as well) very careful with my nails for at least 2 days. OK, so not 2 days but you know what I mean. And inevitably, the polish starts chipping after 3 days. Anyhoo, I still have perfect nails and I am a week in. I'll let you know. :)

UPDATE!! I am on day 14 and still no chipping but I do look like I need a fill for my nails. I have quite a bit of nail bed showing. Still, if you don't look close, it's hardly noticeable. I still think it worth the money and time, so far! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zibbet Shop Items

So I just wanted to take a minute to share with you all the items available in my shop. I have mini albums and a kit, charms galore, coin envelopes, and chipboard die cuts.

Charms "kits":
*Christmas - 7 charms including Santa, snowflake, wreath, "joy", tree, stocking, bell
*Halloween - 5 charms including skeleton hand, howling wolf, witch hat, bat, jack-o-lantern
*Zoo, African animals, Safari - 6 charms including lion, giraffe, tiger, zebra, coyote, elephant
*Travel - 2 charms including a camera and the Eiffel Tower*Beach, aquatic, aquarium, SeaLife - 9 charms including starfish, fish (bead), anchor, ship steering wheel, seahorse, crab, seashell, turtle, flipflops (inscribed "Made with Heart & Sole")
*Tea - 2 charms including a cup and saucer and a teapot
*Spring, Garden - 5 charms including watering can, butterfly, flower, rose, ladybug
*Fashion, Crafting - 4 charms including hanger, singer sewing machine, handbag, and small handbag
*Western, Rodeo, Cowboy, Texas, Ranch - 5 charms including horse with colt, guitar, horseshoe, boot, hat

I will sell these charms individually upon request.

Here are the visuals:

9 different charm collections available (also sold individually)

Whimsy mini album and a kit (not shown) are available

Baby mini available (personalized after purchase)
Set of 6 coin envelopes in 4 different sizes

Dress, overalls, and onesie die cuts; all available in 3 different chipboard options (shown in medium weight chipboard)

Check out my store and tell a friend...I would greatly appreciate it! :) Have a great day!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swivel Clasps

So I have completed my first two swivel clasps but in my excitement I totally forgot to take stills! Sorry about that! If you would like to check them out, use the links below to see the videos on YouTube.

Kathy (Canadianscrappergirl) was my swap partner for Regan's Swivel Clasp Swap. In this swap, you completed a swivel clasp in it's entirety and sent it to your partner.

Regan (EmoraDesigns) and I just swapped for fun! :)

Have a good one. :)

Kathy's Swivel Clasp

Regan's Swivel Clasp