Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Keeping up with... New Year's Resolutions from this year. Here is the post on my 2014 resolutions.

Here are the resolutions and how I fared on keeping them...

*Make-A-Card Monday post, every Monday  -Not every Monday, maybe every three? 
*Run at least 3 times, and attend 1 strength class, a week -Did well for awhile but need to keep it up more consistently  
*Join a design team (hopefully, one will want me :)) -Currently on 3 design teams and LOVE it!! 
*Take every opportunity to be a guest designer whenever it arises -I participated as a guest designer 9 TIMES!! So fun!
*Attend a monthly girls' night out -Fail
*Kill the Simon Says Stamp Monthly Card Kit by the last day of the month -Fail
*Send the cards I make to the people I make them for -Made improvement on this, it helps to state in my post who it's going to. 
*Focus and work on not getting overwhelmed (How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time.) -Still thinking this one over, I struggle with this
*Volunteer at the kids' school as often as possible but know when to say "no" too -Got pretty d@nm good at this. :) 
*Complete the Dallas Half Marathon (hopefully, with some family and friends there too) -Unfortunately, my daughters' New York Nutcracker Ballet was scheduled for the exact same day. Couldn't be helped...maybe next year. 

So, there you go. How did you do on keeping your resolutions? I would love to hear or get a link to yours. 

See you tomorrow for 2015's Resolutions! Be safe tonight. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Thanks for looking! I hope this finds you happy and healthy. 

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