Sunday, November 3, 2013

Adventures in Running: Getting it in gear.

So yesterday I went on my longest run since the fall. I went a little over 6.5 miles. I am sore but feeling good otherwise. I will feel much better when I hit the 10 mile mark. And I need to hit it soon. And though I am not working on speed, I stayed under 11 minutes a mile for at least the first half. I will have to check my watch and see where I start to slow. I'm usually around an 11 minute 40 second mile so bonus.

This brings me to the fact that I am running a half marathon in a matter of weeks. Approximately 5 weeks. Can I just tell you I'm freaking out a bit? I am really excited as well. This will be my second half and the first one I completed had less than ideal conditions. (It was 40 degrees and pouring rain. Never lost the motivation to stop running though.) This time, my entire family is going to be there, along with some very special friends. I honestly can't wait to see them cheering me on. It's going to be amazing. It's going to keep me going. And, I predict, it's going to make me cry. :)

I will probably be posting more regular 'Adventures in Running' posts as I'm in the countdown to a big run. It will help keep me accountable and give me that much more fuel for doing what needs to be done.

What do I need from Good running music. Go.

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