Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mommy's (BIG) Little Man

So my little guy, who's not so little, is about 18.5 months old. Crazy. I feel like he joined our family just yesterday. He is so much fun; very active and curious. He has such a sense of humor as well. He keeps this family in stitches. It will be interesting to see how that develops as he starts going to his little school (Mother's Day Out program) in the fall. And of course, elementary school. But we don't have to think about that just yet.

At his 18 month check up, he weighed in at 24 pounds even and 33.75 inches long. That's almost THREE feet tall! At 18 months? Holy cow! I guess if anyone gets the height, I'm glad it's the boy.

Mind you, the girls were tipping the scales at barely 19 pounds at their 18 month check up. That's why the shock. :) Of course, they were also speaking complete sentences by now and Little Man still points and grunts.

With Shiloh, our 70 pound patient beast. 

the "longhorn" suck (he's being a bit lazy with this one)
His I'm-up-to-something face.

He likes his trucks and cars and construction/emergency vehicles. He doesn't like anyone else touching them.
He likes to eat.  He doesn't like the food he is served.
He likes the dog. He doesn't like the barking.
He likes to baths. He doesn't like getting out. Or drying off. Or getting into PJs.
He LOVES his sisters. He doesn't like when they try and pick him up, pretending he's "the baby".
He likes babies, which he points out everywhere. He doesn't like being treated like one himself.
He likes to read. He doesn't like to sit still.
He likes to nap. He doesn't like being tired. (Mommy doesn't like him tired either.)
He loves wearing his shoes. He doesn't like the way his feet stink when you take them off. (No one does.)
He loves climbing on the furniture. He doesn't like falling off the furniture.
He likes the computer mouse and banging on the keyboard. Mommy doesn't like this. :)
He likes to talk. A lot. He doesn't like that no one can understand him.
He likes the "longhorn" suck (demonstrated above). His teeth don't like it.
He likes his whoobie. He doesn't like the silky side.
He likes to smile. There's nothing not to like about this. Dimples!!

Hope this finds you happy and healthy.

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